Distribution of Idotea resecata in British Columbia in British Columbia. Click here to view the full interactive map and legend. Introduction.


Idotea wosnesenskii had a higher mean CD based on wetted area (0.084) than Idotea resecata (0.059), but a lower mean CD based on frontal area (0.95) 

Regional Beachwatchers Home Page : Intertidal Organisms EZ-ID GUIDES : MORE on this species Idotea resecata is the only isopod with a concave posterior. ( ref ) My first posting (now deleted) had them misidentified. Idotea resecata (Kelp Isopods) mating on Macrocystis pyrifera (Giant Kelp) at San Miguel Island, California 1.1. Radioactive β-carotene was fed to Idotea resecata in an agar-based artificial food-substratum.2.2.

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marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial. Fossil range. recent only Original description Idotea resecata (Stimpson) USNM Number: 138276 See more items in: Invertebrate Zoology Arthropoda Data Source: NMNH - Invertebrate Zoology Dept. GUID: Aquatic invertebrates are common reservoirs of a rapidly expanding group of circular Rep-encoding ssDNA (CRESS-DNA) viruses. This study identified and explored the phylogenetic relationship between novel CRESS-DNA viral genotypes associated with Pacific intertidal isopods Idotea wosnesenskii, Idotea resecata, and Gnorimosphaeroma oregonensis. Idotea resecata Stimpson, 1857 (superseded original combination) Environment. marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial.

Idotea resecata Stimpson, 1857 : Common Name(s): Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: valid Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating:

We follow the most recent intertidal guide for the northeast Pacific coast (Brusca et al. 2007), which uses the name Idotea resecata Identification This isopod's elongated, segmented body ends with a concave tip (at the posterior end of the telson).This is a distinctive feature for this species. Its colouring is green to brownish-green: individuals living on eelgrass (Zostera spp.) are more green, while those living on kelp are more brown. 1972-10-01 · The isopod Idotea resecata (Stimpson) occurs on brown kelp Macrocystis and eelgrass Zostera marina (L.) in bay localities along the Californian coast.

Idotea resecata

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Both Idotea resecata and Lottia parallela (henceforth referred to as Idotea and Lottia) Idotea wosnesenskii, Idotea resecata, and Gnorimosphaeroma oregonensis. One genotype associated with I. wosnesenskii, IWaV278, shared sequence similarity and genomic features with Tombusviridae (ssRNA) and Circoviridae (ssDNA) genomes and was putatively assigned to the Cruciviridae clade comprising chimeric viruses. 1976-01-01 Idotea resecata Stimpson, 1857 AF259526 AF259538 AF255782 Paridotea ungulata (Pallas, 1772) AF259539 AF255783 Anthuridea Anthuridae Apanthura sp. AF259545 AF225789 Flabellifera Sphaeromatidae Sphaeramene polytylotos Barnard, 1914 AF259528 AF259540 AF255784 publications: incorporation of [c-14]beta-carotene into marine isopod idotea-resecata (stimpson, 1857) and biosynthesis of canthaxanthin, gilchrist, bm; lee, wl.comparative biochemistry and physiology b-biochemistry & molecular biology volume: 54 issue: 3 pages: 343-346 published: 1976 Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

comparative biochemistry and physiology b-biochemistry & molecular biology volume: 54 issue: 3 pages: 343-346 published: 1976 Individuals of Idotea resecata and /. wosnesenskii were videotaped at 200 frames s-1.
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Idotea resecata

aculeata and I. montereyensis. Among the Idotea, I. urotoma, I. rufescens, and I. ochotensis have a maxilliped palp with four articles (rather than five in the remaining eight Idotea species) a It feeds on the kelp or eelgrass that it lives on. Idotea resecata has also been known under the scientific names Idothea resecata and Pentidotea resecata, and common names concave isopod, kelp isopod, transparent isopod, and cut-tailed isopod. This … Idotea resecata. Rudy, Paul Jr.; Rudy, Lynn Hay; Shanks, Alan; Butler, Barb.

while swimming freely. Propulsion is provided by the first three pairs of abdominal appendages (pleopods), which may also function as gills.
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9 May 2018 Idotea resecata. Pentidotea resecata (Stimpson, 1857) Eelgrass Isopod common, north Mexico to central Alaska. This page last revised: 5-9- 

Image number. 01306435. Part of.

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Idotea resecata | Ir. [ Opisthokonta | Metazoa | Eumetazoa | . . . . . . | Valvifera | Idoteidae | Pentidotea ]. Idotea_resecata Picture Source. Taxonomy: Eukaryota 

• Idotea wosnesenskii (Rockweed Isopod). • Phyllodurus abdominalis (Ghost  and associated invertebrates via DNA extraction, amplification, sequencing and various behavioral and physiological experiments of Idotea resecata. 7 Mar 2016 Fig 1. Idotea resecata, in its kelp-colored morph. Note the concave tail that distinguishes it from close relatives.