2-Hexanone acts as a solvent for lacquers, ink thinners, nitrocellulose, resins and waxes. It is also employed in the preparation of (+/-)-monomorine. It also plays a useful role in the preparation of alcohols by transfer hydrogenation of ketones.


5-Methyl-2-hexanone, 99%. MDL. MFCD00008950. EINECS. 203-737-8. Chemical Properties. Formula. C 7 H 1 4 O. Formula Weight. 114.19 Melting point-74

A process for preparing 6-chloro-2-hexanone which comprises the steps of (a) oxidizing methylcyclopentane with ozone in the presence of a carboxylic acid and for a sufficient period of time to form 1-methylcyclopentanol; (b) reacting said 1-methylcyclopentanol with a suitable amount of an alkali metal hypochlorite in the presence of a carboxylic acid to form 1-methylcyclopentyl hypochlorite PubMed:Simultaneous determination of n-hexane, 2-hexanone and 2,5-hexanedione in biological tissues by gas chromatography mass spectrometry. PubMed:Peripheral nervous system in a case of canine giant axonal neuropathy. PubMed:The effect of 2-hexanone and 2-hexanone metabolites on pupillomotor activity and growth. Exposure to 2-hexanone is most likely to occur from living near or working in plants that make gas from coal, process oil shale, or produce wood pulp.

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EINECS: 203-767-1 heptan-2-on. Flam. Liq. 3, H226. 7 okt. 2020 — 28182-81-2. 01-2119485796-17. Acute Tox. 4; H332.

3 dec. 2019 — Wunderschönes Konica TOP Objektiv HEXANON AR 57mm f1.2 Objektive sind in einem Top-Zustand ohne Kratzer oder andere Probleme.

It is also employed in the preparation of (+/-)-monomorine. It also plays a useful role in the preparation of alcohols by transfer hydrogenation of ketones. Riskfaktorer – Brandfarliga ämnen.

2 hexanone

Compound 2-Hexanonewith free spectra: 28 NMR, 7 FTIR, 2 Raman, 2 Near IR, and 22 MS.

GUIDE 127 F lammable Liquids (Water-Miscible Chemsrc provides 2-Hexanone(CAS#:591-78-6) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of 2-Hexanone are included as well. Läs mer om 1-Phenyl-2-hexanone. VWR enable science genom att erbjuda produktval, service, processer och vårt folk får det att ske. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: 5-Methyl-2-hexanone, 110-12-3, (CH3)2CHCH2CH2COCH3.

It is also employed in the preparation of (+/-)-monomorine.
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2 hexanone

5-metyl-2-hexanon  (A) 2350:- Hexanon AR 135/2,5 (B+) /i fodral/ 1250:-/ (B+) 1190:- Hexanon AR 135/3,5 (A) /i fodral/ 550:-/ (A) 495:-/ (B+) 425:-/ (B) 390:-/ (C) 295:- Hexar AR  1%(brännbart). Mycket hög akut giftighet; Mutagena (kategori 2). '123-73-9. '204-​647-1.

Judged by the time required for the rats to develop hind-limb paralysis, 2,5-hexanedione had a higher neurotoxic potency than 2-Hexanone. Shop a large selection of Organic oxides products and learn more about 2-Hexanone, 98%, ACROS Organics. 100mL.
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Systemkamera Konica C35 #989305, med objektiv Konica Hexanon 1:2,8 f=​38mm. Såld. 25 kr. 2012-11-21 14:45:45. Budledare: Antal bud: -. Fotoutrustning​ 

DOT 2-Hexanone, 6-(acetyloxy)- | C8H14O3 | CID 20296 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological 2-Hexanone Chemical Properties,Uses,Production Chemical Properties 2-Hexanone is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a sharp odor. It dissolves very easily in water and is miscible in ethanol, methanol, and benzene.

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Riskfaktorer – Brandfarliga ämnen. Brandrisk. En brand kan sprida sig snabbt. Risk för återantändning efter släckt brand. För vätskor gäller att brännbara ångor kan sprida sig, och ge explosionsrisk vid läckage inomhus eller i avlopp. Ångorna är i många fall tyngre än luften (kontrollera på Fysdata-fliken!) och kan då samlas i lågt belägna utrymmen, t.ex. källare.

RAPPORT. WELAND INDUSTRICENTRUM AB förekommer 1-butanol, 2-hexanon och 2-heptanon i provet. 2.